Resident Evil

by Noisk8

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Electronics sound under Livecoding made with FoxDot


l1 >> charm (oct=4, rate=[1,0,1,2], root=linvar([0,1],2), dur=[0.5,1.5],amp=.2).slider(0)

p1 >> play (" x", amp=1, dur=1/2)

k1 >> play ("n ", amp=1.5, dur=1/2)

q2 >> arpy( [1,1.3,1.3,1.5,1.3,1.2,1.8,1.2,1.2, 1.4],dur=PDur(7,20), oct=linvar([5,5.1, 5.2 ]),amp=3, vib=0, vibdepth=.0)

l2 >> soft(amp=3, dur=PDur(8,8), oct=7, vib=.1, vibdepth=.0)

l3 >> dirt(dur=PDur(3,8), amp=0, oct=5, env=12, )

l4 >> blip (oct=4, dur=PDur(5,8), amp=1.7).slider(2)

p2 >> play ("te", dur=PDur(1,8,).arp([0, 3]), amp=1.5)

p3 >> play (" |o3|", dur=PDur(1,40))

p4 >> play (" w", dur=1/2, sample=1, chop=2, vib=1, vibdepth=.1, amp=1.1)

p5 >> play (" =", amp=2, dur=1/2, sample=3)

p6 >> play ("[tt]", amp=1) Clock.bpm=128

q1 >> prophet (dur=PDur(2,8), hpf=linvar([80, 100]), amp=1.7 ,oct=linvar([5,5.1, 5.2 ]))


released January 4, 2019




Noisk8 Antioquia, Colombia


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